Fort York

I purchased a ticket online. Now what?
I don't have a printer/my printer is out of service.

I purchased a ticket online. Now what?
After your payment is authorized, an order confirmation page is displayed. Confirmation of your order is also immediately emailed to you. If you are to print your tickets at home, links to your tickets will be included on the confirmation page and also in the email. You should click on these links to print your tickets. You must present these tickets for admission.

I do not currently have access to a printer / my printer is currently out of service.
When you do have access to an operational printer you have a couple options to allow you to retrieve and print your tickets:
  • Retain your email confirmation. It includes links to your tickets that can be accessed up to the date of the event.
  • You can also sign back into this sales site; click on the "My Account" link; click on "View Past Orders". From the list, click on the "Print Tickets" link for the appropriate order.
  • If you will not have access to a printer, you can forward the confirmation email to someone who does, and have them print your tickets for you.

    NOTE: Tickets are uniquely numbered for verification and logging at time of entry. Any attempt to gain a second entry with a reprinted or copied ticket will be rejected and may result in immediate investigation by venue Security personnel.

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